Why Wood?

We cannot suggest something that is resourceful like wood to a craftsman, architect or engineer. Due to its lightweight it can easily pass through the big and wide gaps. Wooden structures has no secrecy. All of its engineering system can be seen by anyone thus this is the expression of the independent raw building material.

Wood is the oldest building material of the history of humankind. The oldest tree fossil that has been discovered is 385 million years old. With the very first footsteps of the human history, woodworks is starting evolve with it. For thousands of years wood is touching everywhere in our lives including hand-tools, shelters, plates, pots or even vehicles. Wood is commonly used in our country too. There are still wooden houses that are centuries old especially in the Safranbolu and Beypazarı neighborhoods of Istanbul. Since it has been using in windows, cabinets or anything in our lives, that question must be asked;

Why wood?

And yet, there are no one, simple answer for that question. Answers are many and highlighting some noticeable one would be helpful for us to understand the wood.

Wood is highly resistant to fire;

Wood structure could stand more than concrete or steel structures on the contrary of the common knowledge. Due to its high heat-isolation and burning layer by layer as becoming carbonized, a regular wood can stand against the fire between 30 and 90 minutes. As for the steel and concrete structures can only stand a quarter of this time scale depending on the expansion rates of the material that have used.

It is resistant against nature and earthquake;

Wood is the most resistant construction material against weather conditions and chemicals. Wooden products can stand up to 40 or 50 years even when they have used in communication or electricity line or bridges. Concrete and steel lasts shorter than wood because of they are heavier. Wood can carry out more weight when it is used same amount as the steel and concrete. Besides wood moves with the same direction when earthquake starts so it is more resistant to the earthquake rather than other construction materials. As long as it has maintained, wood can last very long against wind, sun, rain and other external factors.

Wood can carry more;

Wood can carry more when it is used in same amount rather than concrete and steel. It is lighter because of its big gaps inside it and ability to construct without using columns. Today wood is commonly used around the world even in structures like gyms, exhibition centers, fair or meeting areas.

Renewable, energy-efficient and environment friendly construction material;

Against the common knowledge, using wood is causes reforesting not deforesting. When you examine the countries that is using wood you can clearly see that their forests are getting larger. It is very possible to replace the wood that you take or even add more. But as for the alternative construction materials, the very same benefits is not valid. Processing and manufacturing wood is more energy efficient rather than other construction materials so, wood is the most environment friendly construction material out there.