Door Stile

Types of Trees Spruce - Pine
Bonding Quality In the norm of D3 conformable to the DIN EN 204 standard
Dimensions (mm)

Thickness : 28,30,32,35,38mm

Width : 42,50 mm

Length : 2100,2200 mm

Moisture Content %10 ± 2
Package 9 or 12 tied, palette based stretch packagings
Features No knots and no defects. Finger joint length adding. 5mm x 5mm venting channel.

The trade mark of ALWADO (under the license of Alanyalı Ahşap) is the biggest raw material provider of the door producing market in Turkey with over 3.000 cube meter of door stile which has produced in Antalya integrated facilities. ALWADO is in the service of all door manufacturers in Turkey with concept of modern, fast and quality service.

Door stile is mostly used in American Panel or MDF doors to strengthen the door leaves. Door stile product category is includes length-adding stile, solid stile, MDF stile, laminated stile, doorframe stile and doorframes. The door stiles which is made of pinewood or spruce tree is get sliced in different sizes. There are lots of reasons behind the using pinewood or spruce tree while producing door stiles. High moisture rates of those threes makes them perfect for producing strong door stiles hence strong doors. We are slicing the door stiles in different sizes by your needs in our facilities.

All the projects that has ALWADO done is diverges into three steps as projecting, planning and producing. We are working with great attention as whole team to make the invisible force great which is in the roots of your door.