Pine & Spruce Briquettes

Wood species untreated softwood Quality according to ÖNORM EN ISO 17225-3
Caloric value >4,7 kWh/kg
Diameter (mm) 90– 100mm
Length ≤400mm
Density ≥1,0 kg/dm³
Water content ≤12,0%
Ash content ≤0,7%
Packaging 5 pcs. shrink wrapped (10kg)

Alwado is an Turkish company producing and selling wood briquette for household use. Our aim is to remain a leading producer of ecological fuels in terms of quality and to be reliable partner to all our customers.

Our wood briquette production site is located in Antalya  in Turkey , also we have another factory nearby to the large Russian forest areas. We have just russian pine and spruce We are paying great attention to production efficiency and environmental protection. we are using 100% of raw material without having residues from our production process. 

Our customers are mainly located in Europe . We are valuing long term business relationships and we have set high standards for ourselves regarding product quality, in time deliveries and reliability. We are also co-operating with other professional producers in order to have our customers’ needs always satisfied.

  • Wood Type: Spruce & Pine
  • Quality:
  • Sizes: 60 х 90 х 150 mm
  • Density;
  • Combusting temperature: 4246 Kkal/kg
  • Moisture: around 10 %
  • Ash content : around 0,5 %
  • Mechanical durability: 95%
  • Partly destroyed briquettes:14%
  • Packaging: 12 pieces in vacuum (10kg), 96 packages on pallet (960kg) 
  • Origin: Russia
  • Long burning time and high heat output
  • Can be used as a substitute for kiln dried logs
  • Perfect alongside our kiln dried logs for an even longer, hotter fire.
  • German Technology, Russian Woods
  • Perfect for an even longer hotter fire.
  • 2 facility (Turkey & Russia)

Product description

RUF briquettes are made in square shape usually, and have the same functinos of other models. Easy stacking and handling, and can be made by different materials. It contains more moisture than the others and also creates more ash. So packing is very important question. Our company produces RUF briquettes from 85% of conifers (pine, spruce). We take special care on Briquettes packaging. They are packed in plastic bags with vacuum. On each and every pallet there is a page with total amount of briquettes, gross and net weight.  It is 100% ecological, no added glues or chemicals.