About Us

As the Alanyalı Ahşap S.A. we are;

Integrating our experience of management and ambition of work to the developing world and new industry standards with fully automated machines and our professional crew which is formed by over 100 qualified personnel. For us, woodworks is not only an ordinary job, it is also a passion and a lifestyle; With that philosophy we are trying to fulfill our all of responsibilities as the leader company of the market. Our main goal is to prove that wood can be a trustworthy and essential building material like the old times.

Our company is continuing its activities on Antalya Organized Industrial Zone –which we are the founding fathers, with a facility of 8.000 square meters enclosed area on 40.000 square meters total area since 1998.

We are leading the industrial hardwood market with our Laminated Beam and Densified Door Stile products. We are also working to get a place for wood in the structures with woodwork applications and hardwood project services. Besides the commercial value of the wood, we are also trying create a better future for it with supporting and creating projects with notably institutions and universities. We are also targeting the end-consumers with garden furniture. Customers has a wide variety of selection with arise of the number of companies and products in recent years thus Alanyalı Ahşap is working with a professional team which aims the satisfaction of the customers. Generally we are getting together technology with the best products and our experience and knowledge. Our objective is presenting you to the warm and cozy feeling of the wood rather than the cold face of concrete and steel.

For sake of the granting this;

We are investing in educating the people and professionalism rather than only investing in machines and buildings to make a difference.

For this purpose we are aware that only way to achieve this is working with a professional management and field crew. At this point the way we should follow is not only the things we had done but the things we will do.

  • We have a suitable personnel for each department. Our way is applying new and professional HR applications.
  • Our objective is providing necessary sources as print, visual or applied forms to shorten the orientation and adaptation process. We are analyzing the needs of the personnel and giving on-hand application trainings for each member of the crew.
  • We are also trying to create a loyalty to company and a bond between co-workers and enthusiasm to work.
  • We are using both national and international channels to provide high-standard raw materials.
  • We have made investments on both machines and organization for high-quality production.
  • We have created a quality management system that works back and forth to assure the quality and workflow and with that system we are also granting the customer satisfaction and high-standards all the time. .

We have the certificates of ISO 9001-2004 Environment, ISO 9001-2008 Quality, OHSAS 18001-2007 Work Safety and FSC.


  • 8.000 square meter enclosed 40.000 square meter in total production facility
  • Automated lumber submersion machine parkour
  • Automated finger-joint machine parkour
  • Automated sawmill lane
  • Modernized profile lanes
  • Vacuum impregnation facility
  • Laminated press/density facility

Our mission is satisfying the customer in every step thus our work structure will be never stable and constant. We will always try to go one step further each day and we will work without a break and full of ambition to provide that change and development.